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Secretary Of Education Nominee Thinks States Should Decide Whether Schools Are “Gun Free” Zones

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sitting before a committee of lawmakers, the nominee for Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, told legislators she believes local states and municipalities should have the final say as to whether or not their schools should be “gun free” zones.

According to CNN, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut attempted to paint her into a corner by asking if guns had “any place in and around schools.”

She responded by saying that she thought that decision was best left up to states and locales to decide.

This response apparently shook Senator Murphy to the bone. He apparently never heard about the 40 counties in Ohio and several in California that have implemented a concealed carry program in their school districts. He also must ignore states like Michigan which do not oppose concealed carriers coming onto school grounds.

And it’s understandable. You have to read the news to hear about all the school districts around the country that are anticipating the need for teachers and faculty to defend themselves and their students.

After all, if we ignore guns and put up phony “gun free” zones, criminals will automatically heed those rules. Right?

Senator Murphy quickly took to Twitter to let everyone know how troubled he was that a nominee for the Secretary of Education wanted to leave decisions about safety up to the school districts who better understand their communities.

If the Federal government doesn’t take direct oversight into the affairs of our children and our school districts — which we fund with our local tax dollars — then who else will tell us how to live?

Sarcasm aside, there seems to be quite a bit of political dissonance for those politicians that honestly believe school administrators aren’t capable of making educated decisions.

Law-abiding concealed carriers should not face any penalty for picking their kids up from school. They shouldn’t have to disarm to watch their kids play at a local basketball game. And both parents and faculty members shouldn’t have to worry about becoming accidental criminals because they’re caught carrying concealed.

That last bit happened in Connecticut when a security guard discovered one of the teachers at a local school had a loaded gun for his own protection. That’s Senator Murphy’s own backyard. Apparently, he doesn’t place a lot of value on his teachers’ lives.

That teacher was placed on administrative leave, despite the presence of a license to carry a concealed handgun. He obviously met all the criteria necessary by the state to legally carry a concealed handgun but, because he was on school grounds, he wasn’t allowed to protect himself at his place of work.

So far, it looks like we’re dealing with a potential future Secretary of Education who truly understands that safety considerations are best figured out at a local level.

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