Question: What’s Your Summer Carry Setup?

This doesn’t apply to everyone, especially to those in the south. However, many of you come from the colder regions and make adjustments to your carry setup depending on the season.

And with the warm weather upon us, many opt for smaller firearms to carry.

I’m originally from New York and would have the following setup:

Fall/winter – Glock 23 in an IWB holster

Spring/summer – Glock 26 in an IWB holster

My method of carry never changes, but the firearm does. With the bulkier clothing that comes along with winter, it’s much easier for me to conceal a larger firearm. But when summer is here and the shorts and t-shirt come out, I prefer (and need) the smaller G26 so that I’m not sticking out like a sore thumb.

What about you? What’s your summer carry setup?

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