What?! Another Home Invader Taken Out? …Home Defense Honorable Mention


PHOENIX, ARIZONA — For the concealed carriers in the audience, I’m sure this is going to come as a massive surprise but yet ANOTHER home intruder got neutralized when he idiotically refused to acknowledge a middle aged man’s warning to stop trying to break in.  Yes, KPHO broke the story.  A middle aged man in his 60s was home alone when he heard the sound of shattering glass coming from the front.

He reportedly saw a man trying to climb in through his window.  The home owner was nice enough to warn the intruder and tell him he was armed and the crook should know what’s best for him and beat feet out of there.  What did the intruder do?  Ignore the warning.

This is where it gets coldly predictable.  The homeowner reported to police that he perceived a threat, retrieved his pistol and shot the intruder.

The intruder fled immediately but collapsed in a nearby alleyway.  When emergency services arrived, they found him in critical condition and according to the most recent statement from Phoenix Police, he is not expected to survive.

There are two extremely baffling features about this incident.  The first is that the intruder had the opportunity to flee.  The second was that it occurred in broad daylight hours.  According to KPHO, the incident happened at approximately 10:20 am.

The first thing that flickered through my mind was, is this some sort of episode of Fear The Walking Dead?

Who doesn’t stop dead in his tracks when there is a firearm pointed flush at him?

Thankfully, the homeowner was prepared and he absolutely did the best he could to avoid outright conflict.  It’s the best we can hope for in these situations.

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