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Concealed Carrier Shoots Bulldog After It Attacks Family, Exonerated From Charges

OCONTO, WISCONSIN — A concealed carrier who used his Glock 21 (.45 ACP) to defend his family from an unleashed American Bulldog will not be charged with any criminal conduct, confirms Allen Brey, the Marinette County District Attorney.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, an American Bulldog lunged at the family as they were walking with their dog.  The bulldog broke his leash and came after them.  The wife of the concealed carrier got between the dog and their child before the family dog came under attack.  It was at this point Joshua Longsine used his concealed carry Glock 21 to place four consecutive shots into the bulldog.  The dog retreated back to his home where he was treated for multiple wounds and is expected to recover.

via Green Bay Press Gazette

“(T)he dog lunged again and broke the leash and charged at them … (and) ran into the street towards them in an aggressive manner and was barking and growling,” the report says. “Kelly stated she stepped in front of her kids and yelled at the dog, but it did not stop … the dog then attacked her dog and had its mouth on her dog’s shoulder and neck area.”

That’s when Joshua Longsine stepped in and decided to use his pistol.

Brey said Longsine acted reasonably in firing his gun at the attacking dog.

“The discharge was done in a responsible manner, (with) the gun pointed at the ground,” Brey said. “He wasn’t being reckless or endangering someone else.”

Brey noted the dog was unrestrained.

Four Rounds Of .45 ACP And The Dog Lives

Surviving four .45 ACP bullets and being able to retreat?!

There’s another story that’s not being told: what that dog was being fed.  Some sort of Hulk Smash formula of dog chow, that’s for sure.  Or maybe it’s time to invest in some Hydro Shoks?

The homeowners vehemently deny the dog ever attacked the Longsines.

The dog, a 33-month-old American Bulldog, is owned by Sharon and Ron Aubry, who were at the residence of their son, Brian Aubry. All three told an officer that the dog, named Jerzy, has no history of attacks or aggression.

Brian Aubry told police that the dog did not attack the Longsines or their dog. Sharon and Ron Aubry said they did not see their dog attack the Longsine’s dog, which was not injured.

This sounds surprisingly similar to a more tragic tale told back in April.  A two month old was left alone with the family dog, which also happened to be an American Bulldog, while the dad went to go turn on a sprinkler system.  The dog then turned and attacked the child, killing him.

American Bulldogs Not Necessarily Violent By Nature

Bulldogs are not necessarily violent by nature.  There is a lot of complexity to this large breed.  And unfortunately, owners of bulldogs are always prone to seeing the best in them – regardless of signs to the contrary.

But anything that can survive four rounds of .45 ACP and keep running is certainly a dog worth taking a closer look at.  That’s seriously impressive and really makes this author question the whole concept of bullet lethality.

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