District Attorney Explains Why He Carries A Gun


CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — The District Attorney for Mecklenburg County recently told the Charlotte Observer that he carries a concealed handgun due to perceived dangers in his line of work. After photos of him and other justice officials were found in a jail cell of a convicted gangbanger, he began to take threats against him extremely seriously. That gangbanger then went on to murder a couple in Charlotte.

“I don’t take this stuff lightly anymore,” he said this week. “I told the cops out in front of my house back then that if any of those SOBs came out here, ‘You’ll be calling Harry & Bryant (funeral home).’”

As the Charlotte Observer went to great lengths to expound upon, the United Blood Nation (“The Bloods”) has repeatedly ordered the deaths and kidnapping of anyone associated with testifying or prosecuting their gang members.

It’s taken a new fever pitch since in 2014, people have been murdered, kidnapped, and altogether threatened or silenced by ordered writs of execution by the UBN leadership operating in vicinity of Charlotte.

When the Rule of Law holds no more weight in stopping bad men from attacking in the middle of the night, it’s time to gear up.

If the UBN is going to slap a stolen handgun into the hands of some 17-year-old and his buddies, there’s really no other opportunity to broker a more civilized discussion.

Civil arbitration. That’s a key word there. When you are wronged or you wrong someone, there are civil suits where the state decides the merit of the case. The United Blood Nation isn’t really in the business of that. And they’re obviously not afraid to put their own guys both inside prison and out of it to ensure any amount of violence necessary to accomplish a task, is used.

via the Charlotte Observer

“My prosecutors are putting hardened criminals behind bars, and there is certainly a concern of retribution for the job they do every day,” he says. “The pay is not commensurate with the risk.”

The world is getting rougher out there. Gangs operate like defacto mini-terrorist states and the rule of law applies not at all in their line of thinking. You, as the honest everyday law-abiding citizen, do. That’s why training, situational awareness, and the right equipment are all so very pivotal in everyday concealed carry operations.

It’s not just your life you’re defending — it could very well be the lives of those around you as well.

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