Middle Schooler Opens Fire Inside Classroom, Is Then Taken Out By Teacher

A boy in middle school opened fire this morning on classmates and his teacher after excusing himself from class so that he could go retrieve two handguns that he had brought with him.

The shooting happened at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana, roughly 27 miles north of Indianapolis, and one student and a teacher were injured.

Police say that the boy was stopped when the teacher inside the classroom rushed him and got the gun away.

One student said he was in class taking a test when the suspect came in with a handgun and started shooting aimlessly, “waiving his hand around,” reported ABC affiliate RTV in Indianapolis.

The teacher allegedly stopped the shooter, the student told RTV.

“I was thinking, ‘It’s not real, it’s not real, everything is going to be OK,’” student Gabbie Manns told ABC News of her time barricaded in the classroom. “We are holding hands holding tight … people I didn’t even know that well came over and held my hand and we all felt really united at that moment.”

“There was people crying … it was really chaos,” she added. “I thought about all the other school shootings.”

The teacher credited with stopping the shooting is Jason Seaman, who is currently in surgery after sustaining three gunshot wounds. His condition, as well as the condition of the student who was shot, was not immediately available.

The teacher’s mother posted on Facebook about the tragedy, asking for prayers for her son’s recovery.

The suspect has been taken into custody.

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