2 Dead, 7 Injured In St. Louis School Shooting; Suspect Killed By Armed School Officers

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — Police say a suspected school shooter is dead after being confronted and shot by armed officers at the school. Two people are confirmed dead, including one adult and another female. Multiple people were taken to the hospital for injuries.

The incident occurred at Central Visual and Performing Arts high school just after 9 am local time. Police were called for an active shooter and arrived quickly.

As police were entering the building and students were rushing out, they told police that a lone suspect was inside with a long gun.

The school was locked, which police say gave armed security time to react to the suspect. Gunfire was exchanged, and the suspect was taken down.

The suspect has not yet been identified, but is believed to be around 20 years of age. His connection to the school, if any, has not yet been established.

This is a developing story.

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