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[WARNING: GRAPHIC] Traffic Stop Turns Into Officer Facing Death, Backup Arrives And Stops Threat With Single Shot To Face

When it comes to learning from the many self-defense real-life videos that cameras now provide, not many are as good as this one as far as seeing what’s actually going on.

A female officer has stopped a vehicle that just seemed a little out of place. During the normal ‘license and registration’ drill, the suspect pulls out a gun and points it directly at the officer.

A fight ensues, and I’m not so certain how this story would have ended if the officer’s backup hadn’t arrived at the time that he did.

And when he did arrive, he quickly came to his fellow officer’s aid and fired a single and fatal shot at the suspect, directly in the face.

Warning: The video below does have some graphic parts.

The officer’s quick thinking likely saved her life, when she immediately grabs the barrel of the suspect’s firearm and points it up and away from her body. If you’re going to fight back, getting that barrel pointed in another direction is key to surviving an incident such as this.

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