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Teen Burglar Held At Gunpoint, Doesn’t Wait Until Police Arrive — You Guess How It Ends

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — An 18-year old was found dead in a resident’s apartment following an alleged home invasion.  Durham police are still actively investigating the shooting and the county prosecutor has not yet ruled whether or not the case will be ruled “self-defense”.  According to ABC 11, this is the same apartment complex a security guard sustained multiple gunshot wounds after he saw a burglary in progress just last month.

A nearby neighbor commented on the event.

“I feel that you have a right when you’re in your property,” neighbor David Osborne said to ABC 11 News. “Someone comes in as an intruder, you have to defend yourself. I don’t know the situation and what happened but I hope they’re okay and that this doesn’t continue to happen.”

The self-defense shooting occurred at approximately 1 am and the resident sustained non-life-threatening injuries. According to the on-air broadcast by ABC 11, this is an apartment complex frequently rented by college students.  The burglar was initially held at gunpoint by the resident and told not to move until police arrived.  Allegedly, the burglar advanced on the resident and hit him on the head.  The resident then fatally shot him.

ABC 11 included an excerpt from the 9-1-1 call made by security to emergency services.

In that transcript, security calmly report that they were flagged down by a resident and then confirmed that the event appeared to be a robbery.  The 18 year old who lost his life in the encounter appears to have been alone in the robbery.

This death follows in the wake of multiple reported armed robberies and burglaries in the area of Durham, North Carolina.  It appears that with such up-tick in violence, home owners and apartment dwellers are certainly taking their own safety a lot more serious.  Unfortunately for home invaders, the stakes just got raised.

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