Man Found Not Guilty Of Murder After Shooting ‘Angry’ Man In 2018


FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Back in 2018, Daniel Hammack was confronted by Jason Knight who was acting aggressive, and as a result was shot after he threatened the lives of Hammack, his wife and mother.

On March 11, 2018 while Hammack was locking up the church near his home, he was confronted by Knight. Witnesses described seeing Hammack and Knight speaking. During the incident, Hammack stated that he attempted to stop Knight with a mattock handle first. When Knight remained and became more aggressive, Hammack decided to use the firearm in his pocket. Hammack fired 3 shots which proved fatal to Knight.

The jury was presented with the evidence of the shooting and took only an hour and a half, stating that Hammack acted in the defense of himself, his wife and mother.

This is the second incident where Hammack was involved and had pulled the trigger in self defense. On May 3, 1992 Hammack shot and killed Ray Anthony Kelley, who at the time was attempting to break into Hammack’s home. Hammack was not charged during this incident.

“The District Attorney‘s office pursued this case because Dan has previously shot and killed an individual (a documented gang member who was out on parole) back in the 90s, who was breaking into Hammack’s home in Glenwood Triangle,” Hall said. “Despite no arrest or charges against Dan for this incident, prosecutors believed this was not coincidence that he shot and killed another man in March of 2018.”

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