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[WATCH] Burglary Suspect Shoots Deputy 3 Times, K9 Intervenes For Takedown


PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA — Recently released bodycam footage reveals the moment a Pinellas County deputy was ambushed and shot multiple times by a burglary suspect on Sunday, March 12, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Corporal Matt Aitken and Sergeant Jake Viano were chasing the suspect in St Petersburg, Florida, when the encounter took place, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Upon being located, the suspect swiftly fired at Aitken, who fell to the ground, injured.

The sheriff’s office stated on Facebook, “The suspect ambushed Corporal Aitken and shot him three times.”

K-9 Taco, the deputies’ canine partner, leapt onto the suspect, providing Viano an opportunity to react. The suspect was subsequently shot by Viano and pronounced dead at the scene, as per the sheriff’s office. Neither Viano nor Taco sustained injuries, local news sources reported.

Aitken underwent surgery for his wounds on Monday, March 13 and continues to recover, the sheriff’s office confirmed.

Pinellas County Sergeant Amanda Sinni praised the efforts of K-9 Taco and Sergeant Viano, saying, “If it wasn’t for the heroic actions of K-9 Taco and Sergeant Viano, Corporal Aitken may not have made it out of this tragic incident alive.”

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