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Woman Shoots And Kills Man Who Followed Her Through Parking Lot, Tried Opening Her Car Door

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — A woman will face no charges following a self-defense shooting of a man, Steven McLamb, 49, in a Food Lion grocery store parking lot. The police report states that McLamb acted aggressively and attempted to enter her car after following her to the store. The woman fired her weapon in self-defense, with McLamb later succumbing to his injuries in hospital.

Raleigh police Maj. Brian Harrison affirmed that, barring new evidence, there were no plans to press charges. Defense Attorney Lee Turner emphasized that McLamb’s own actions contributed to the tragic outcome. Turner invoked Statute 14-51.2, or the Castle Doctrine, in explaining the woman’s right to defend herself in her ‘castle’ – in this case, her car.

The law stipulates the defender must perceive a serious, imminent threat of bodily harm. In this scenario, Daniel Meier, another defense attorney, stated that the law presumes the woman feared for her life as McLamb tried to unlawfully enter her vehicle. The case underscores the interpretation of the Castle Doctrine and how it extends beyond the home to include one’s vehicle and workplace.

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