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*WARNING: GRAPHIC* Bodycam Footage Released Of Police-Involved Shooting During Traffic Stop

DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO — Amazing body camera footage shows just how little time law enforcement officers sometimes have before they have to choose what path they are going to take in reaction to threats.

Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas, 25, turned what was supposed to be a friendly stranded motorist assist into a nightmare when he pulled an AR-style rifle seemingly out of nowhere and attacked an officer who came up to his vehicle, according to KKTV.

The deputy, Brad Proulx, drew his firearm out and engaged Rivas-Maestas.

Look at the video above — it happened so fast.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock is proud of Proulx’s actions.

“The result of this shooting is a testament to the training each of our deputies are provided,” Spurlock said according to KKTV.

“This just shows how necessary it is for deputies to be able to make split-second decisions, not only for their own protection but for the protection of the community.”

Most people know that traffic stops and roadside visits are extremely dangerous, and this just goes to prove that case even further.

“Traffic stops are probably one of the most dangerous things our law enforcement officers do,” El Paso County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jackie Kirby said according to KKTV.

“He was just on routine patrol and wanted to assist a motorist… and then it elevated very very quickly.”

“What’s not captured is that threat, that emotion, that adrenaline that that deputy is feeling,” added Kirby.

Rivas-Maestas was sent to the hospital where he was treated and released. He was then taken into custody to face his charges of stupidity.

Hats off to this deputy for reacting with the speed of a quick-draw shooter.

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