Uber Driver Defends Himself With Firearm And Gets Fired, Per Uber Policy: What’s Your Take?

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A former military policeman and a concealed handgun license instructor, Deven Garza decided to try his luck making some extra cash with Uber.  Unfortunately for him, one of his fares got violent after his passengers couldn’t agree where they wanted to go.  Intoxicated and aggressive, the man was forcefully grabbing the Garza’s arm.  Garza reached for his mace to subdue the irate passenger but unfortunately it wasn’t there.  That’s when, according to KVUE, the situation escalated.

Garza said finally he came to a stop at the McNeil Road exit, but the man was still fighting with him. The mace Garza said he keeps in the driver’s door was not there, so he reached for his gun.

The man tried to grab my gun and I was not about to let that happen,” Garza said.

Garza said the gun fired, missing the gearshift and steering wheel. No one was hit, and Garza said the couple took off after the gunshot.

Garza immediately filed a report with the police but unfortunately, this whole incident cost him his job with Uber.  As per Uber’s changed policy, drivers are no longer allowed to defend themselves with firearms.  Garza claims Uber never informed him of this change in policy and plans to fight the company’s policy in Austin.

Let’s turn the tables back to the audience.  Obviously, we have no idea of what actually occurred in that vehicle but based upon the news reports – do you feel pulling a firearm was justified under these circumstances?

Tell us your thoughts.  And if you believe pulling a gun wasn’t called for – throw out some ideas for how you can de-escalate an event like that without resorting to a gun.  You can also check out one of our writer’s thoughts on when using a firearm is appropriate.


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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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