Remember: Stupid Halloween Pranks Can Get You Killed. Just Ask These YouTube Pranksters.

People will do nearly anything nowadays to get video hits, including stupid pranks in NYC that would justify the use of deadly force.

The video below is from a few years ago and whether or not the guy with the gun is in on the ‘prank’, it’s still a solid reminder of what not to do to pave your way to fame.

After the video was released, they received a lot of hate for what they did, and likely disabled the video comments as a direct result of this.

PROVINTV halloween prank we Don’t always do this crazy pranks like this our gold is to make people laugh n smile

Every single person in this video gave us the permission to use there face in our video THEY FOUND IT FUNNEY COUSE IT WAS HALLOWEEN expiate for the guy with the gun this was a crazy prank we have don we wanted to do something epic for Halloween this prank was super scary and fun to film if u enjoyed it please share this video with ur friends Like Comment Subscribe we upload new video every week thank u guys so much for watching this vid much love… *Dont Try This At Home*

But, even though they were told by thousands that the prank was stupid, they kept the video up to keep the profit-generating machine alive. The purported armed guy shows up around the 2:25 mark.

IF the guy with the gun wasn’t in on the joke and actually caught off guard and drew in self-defense, it’s highly plausible that he is law enforcement. As this happened in NYC, we know full well that it’s nearly impossible for the average citizen to receive a concealed carry permit. Or, the guy could have been carrying illegally.

The takeaway for pranksters: Don’t do stupid pranks like this.

The takeaway for armed citizens: Read the situation as best as you possibly can, and make rational decisions from what you quickly gather.

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