San Francisco Restaurant Kicks Out 3 Uniformed Police Officers Because Their Guns Scared Them

San Francisco’s Hilda and Jesse restaurant refused service to three of San Francisco’s finest this past Friday…because of their sidearms. What’s more, the new North Beach restaurant proudly stood behind the virtue-signaling decision of their bigoted staff in an Instagram post that caught fire.

The restaurant’s owners apparently believe that feeling “uncomfortable” with the presence of weapons allows them to discriminate against uniformed police officers.

Hilda and Jesse bills itself as a “safe space” in the crime-free utopia of San Francisco, where the Soros-funded State’s Attorney releases violent predators and ignores laws he doesn’t like.   Hilda and Jesse’s co-owner Rachel Sillcock says she believes that declaring themselves “gun free” means BIPOC and “queer” folks can feel safe.

Apparently nobody hold Hilda and Jesse’s staff that armed gays and minorities don’t get bashed. And that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun – not virtue-signaling bigots with Instagram accounts.

The restaurant’s virtue-signaling leftists who abhor guns have no problem with arbitrary discrimination. Clearly their spirit of tolerance only goes so far.

One thing is certain: the owners and staff of this formerly anonymous cafe in America’s crappiest city have earned their 15 seconds of Internet fame. Not all of it positive, however. Still the owners continued to double- and triple-down on their bigotry, defending their actions.

San Francisco’s Police Chief, Bill Scott, called the restaurant’s decision to deny service “personally disappointing.”

The police union, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, released this statement via FoxNews:

“Three foot-beat officers looking to eat where they patrol are treated without any tact or class by this establishment. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants that don’t discriminate and will welcome our officers working to try and keep all San Franciscans safe.”

But the accumulation of attention and blowback over the weekend that resulted from the ejection — even in ultra-left San Francisco — caused the restaurant’s owners to backtrack last night.

Now, all is well in North Beach once again. SFPD beat cops will no doubt be flocking back to Hilda and Jesse to tie on the feed bag and support another new local business.

By John Boch via TTAG and republished with permission.

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