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One Minute You’re Alive, The Next You’re Not

As John states in the video below, we don’t know the circumstances behind this incident. Who was the aggressor? We don’t know. Were some of those people working together? We don’t know. Were any of the guns legally owned/carried? We don’t know.

What we do know is that bad people are out there, and we also know that we should be avoiding and deescalating bad situations if and when they arise. We should also know when it’s justified to draw a firearm and when it isn’t, and what constitutes the use of deadly force.

This guy in the yellow learned some hard lessons, and it would seem that the man with the backpack who fired the shot was acting in self-defense. Still, there is much unknown, but we can gather some great educational information with that we have.

Keep to yourself, have avoidance skills, and if things look bad, try your best to distance yourself from the aggressor(s).

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