Toddler Finds Gun, Shoots And Kills Self, A 100% Avoidable Tragedy

HOWELL, MICHIGAN — In a tragic and 100% avoidable incident in Howell, a 2-year-old toddler lost their life over the weekend after inadvertently shooting themselves with an unsecured firearm found at home.

The accident, which took place near Byron and West Highland roads, occurred on Sunday, June 11, around 6 p.m., as reported by local police.

Despite immediate medical attention and being rushed to the hospital, the young child could not be saved and was later declared deceased.

As of now, further details regarding the incident are yet to be shared, with authorities maintaining an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Securing firearms from young children is of utmost importance to prevent tragedy. Here are several key guidelines to follow to ensure we’re not writing an article about your child in the future:

  1. Safe Storage: Keep all firearms stored in a secured and locked safe, gun vault, or storage case that children cannot access. Store ammunition separately, also in a locked location.
  2. Childproofing: Consider using childproof safety locks and devices that will keep firearms inoperable when not in use. These locks are often available from firearm manufacturers.
  3. Education: While it’s crucial to keep guns out of reach, it’s also important to educate children about firearm safety. Teach them to never touch firearms, and to tell an adult if they find one.
  4. Unload When Not in Use: Whenever not in use, firearms should be kept unloaded. This is another layer of safety to prevent tragedy.
  5. Regular Checks: Regularly verify that your firearms are properly secured and that children can’t accidentally discover them.
  6. Seek Professional Advice: If you’re unsure about how to safely store your firearms or if you’re new to firearm ownership, consider seeking professional advice from certified trainers or law enforcement.

Remember, no method is fully foolproof, so it’s crucial to combine these steps for optimum safety. Responsible firearm ownership and safety practices can save lives and prevent tragedies.

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