Man Confronts Squatter At His Home By Hiding Inside Closet, Squatter Calls Police After Being Shot At

OCALA, FLORIDA — Upon returning from a seven-month stay in New Zealand, a homeowner in Ocala, Florida found his residence vandalized and burglarized. The man identified Ze’Moye Brown as the alleged squatter.

In an encounter to expel the intruder, the homeowner discharged a firearm. He had earlier reported to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office about the condition of his house and the missing items.

After alerting the police, the homeowner decided to stay overnight in a closet in hopes of confronting Brown. An argument ensued when Brown was spotted peeking into the closet, with both parties disputing over the home’s ownership.

The homeowner fired his handgun, prompting Brown to flee and call the authorities, claiming he was shot and asserting ownership of the house.

Brown was subsequently arrested on various charges, including misdemeanor trespassing, possession of marijuana, and felony possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, as authorities discovered methamphetamine and marijuana in his possession.

Brown claimed he had been residing in the home for several months, adding that the house was vacant and unlocked upon his arrival. His bond is set at $4,000.

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