[CCW IN ACTION] Teenager Puts Gun In Driver’s Face, Demands Sunglasses — Gets Bullet Instead


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A 17-year-old boy is listed as being in critical condition after he tried to rob a concealed carrier at gunpoint.  The event took place late Wednesday afternoon in Detroit’s east side.  A young father who was working as an exterminator saw a teenager approach him and try to rob him for his sunglasses.

His sunglasses.

Not his wallet, not his ride, not his cell phone – his sunglasses.

Joe Lanier, 24, said to WXYZ, “the boy tried to rob me, and I shot him. That’s what happened.”


Police are still investigating because that’s the standard operating procedure but as we reported recently, there’s a rise in armed teen thugs looking to make a name for themselves by stepping up to strangers with guns.  And what are they learning?  Well, for those that succeed – they’re sure to learn it’s a great way to get what they want.  And for this 17 year-old in the hospital fighting to hold onto life – he learned that it didn’t pay off exactly like he was expecting.

As we covered in a previous incident less than a full day ago – another teenager tried to rob a pizza delivery guy in Virginia only to find out the hard way that wasn’t going to work.

According to WXYZ, Joe Lanier has a legal permit to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Michigan and pending a ruling from the district attorney, the incident is expected to be ruled self-defense.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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  • Richard R Beck

    It’s a shame somebody is willing to forfeit their life over some friggin sunglasses.

    • Yes it is a shame an a very hard lesson for these teenage thugs.

    • Raptor Keeper

      You can’t fix stupid.
      You can kill ’em or cage ’em.

    • Clay

      In before the mother of this POS that says”It is a shame that someone would kill [my son] over some sunglasses”

      • Bill Redding

        Just wait…she’ll probably sue the REAL victim in civil court.

        — BR

      • Walter Byrd Byrd

        Her son shouldn’t have tried to rob the man. Maybe she should have taken the time to teach him to respect others.

      • George Pease

        He shouldn’t have tried to rob the man for them train up your child right and he wouldn’t get shot

        • John Stinnett

          These young people have been brain wash all of there lives than white people or somebody owe they ! My brother was in a coffee shop and this punk came in and stole the tips off of the table .And said that it was owe to him !

          • john doe

            You’re illiterate,

          • boogimn3

            You continue to insist on proving my point…The further left, the lower the IQ…

          • Cisco

            But here’s the question, does a left wing bleeding heart liberal, know what the word “illiterate” means ?

      • mm jones

        yeah…but did not say how bad it was that he would have shot someone to steal their sunglasses….typical ‘mommathug’

    • merrick04

      He probably didn’t figure he was going to. Probably just thought he was getting some sunglasses without having to pay for them himself.

    • Bill Redding

      It’s usually tennis shoes they beat someone half to death or shoot them for…it’s a “cultural thing” you know, so we just don’t get how hugely important sunglasses and shoes are.

      It’s the New America — be a compassionate liberal and “embrace diversity” — because as all liberals know, low-life/no-account/street-trash lives matter, too. ;-)

      — BR

    • DB Cooper

      He believed he was going to forfeit someone elses life…………how quickly fortunes can turn.

    • Cisco

      Detroit negroes aren’t known for being mental giants.

      • john doe

        Neither are racists,

        • boogimn3

          Yes, they are…Winston Churchill, for example–How about Abraham Lincoln? Thomas Jefferson? The list goes on…

          Liberals? Not so much–Naive do-gooders, politically-correct addicts–Common sense not so common with them.

          • Cisco

            Very good. I couldn’t have said it any better. Left wing liberals won’t get it though, they’ll wonder what you’re talking about.

        • Cisco

          If you absolutely HAD to make a choice, with NO way out. Which would you rather be, a Detroit negro, or a racist ? Be honest, and don’t try to side step or dodge the question. C’mon, which would you choose to be, a Detroit negro, or a racist ?

    • Rick Vandiver

      Not just a shame,,,,look how absolutely IGNORANT !!!

    • bobfairlane

      It’s a shame the dindu didn’t expire on the spot.

  • Beautiful Black Man

    But I bet the robber was a “goot boy and dint do nuffins wrong” just like Michael Brown.

    • PharmDoc61

      He was turning his life around

      • George Pease

        Yea right

        • PharmDoc61

          Sarcasm…where’s that darn emoticon?

      • wing_ding

        He’s been cured of his evil ways!

  • RM Molon Labe

    We the People have had enough…Train, train and train some more…Why? Because some PUNK will kill you for basically nothing…Lead IS the precious metal in which I invested…Soon it will be worth it’s weight in gold….Molon Labe

  • Arabella Drummond

    perhaps if more of us carried these dumb ass kids would get the hint!!

    • DB Cooper

      More of them are getting the hint the hard way every day.

    • racerboy221

      Everyone I know and associate with, carries.

  • Charles Edward Pardue

    This may have be an odd suggestion for this website, but how about just giving up the sunglasses?

    My brother in law was a district manager for 7/11 back in the 70’s and their policy was to give anyone making a robbery attempt what was in the register and to be polite as possible. The policy was to not have over $20.00 in the register at any time.

    The person with the concealed carry appears to have been able to shoot the robber at any time. He could have given up the sunglasses and reported the robbery to the police. He also had the option to shoot if he detected the situation going south.

    Shooting should not be the first choice. Just because you can use deadly force doesn’t mean you have to. Taking a human life for a pair of sunglasses seems to cheapen human life in general.

    Sergeant of Marines, 2nd Mar Div, (1977-81)

    • Jesse Beaumont

      Because a gun pointed at you means he loves you and has no intention whatsoever of hurting you…

      • racerboy221

        LOL!! “It’s an act of love!”

    • Travis

      Charles, thank you for your service. As far as your statement its easy to say and I agree give up the glasses not worth a gun fight. At the same time where do we draw the line letting punks think they can take what they want if they threaten you. Or stand up and try to correct what is wrong with society. Being polite and giving up the goods will still get you shot too. So it is up to us to decide. Stand up and fight, or take a chance that if we give them what they want they will go away? Do not ever let someone take what you have rightfully earned. Let alone potentially take your life.

    • racerboy221

      How about the kid does not try to rob people for things that are not his? The 7-11 story was nice but all too often, the clerks will give all they have and still get shot and killed. Sorry Charles, someone points a weapon at me and there is an opportunity to stop the threat with a force equal to the bad guys, I am taking it, killing the perp if need be and sleeping like a baby when I get home knowing full well the world is now a better place and I was a critical part of making it that way.

    • Sherri Panchaud Onorati

      I guess you missed the part where it said the teenager pointed a gun in the victim’s face? I would say that’s a very good reason for deadly force. The teen was prepared to take a life to get the sunglasses, he just picked the wrong victim.
      Chief of Sailors, USS WASP, (1984-2006)

    • KestrelBike

      The victim saved who knows how many other victims their potential lives by stopping that animal threatening him with deadly force. Had the thug gotten his sunglasses, whose to say he wouldn’t have shot the victim anyways? Or seeing his compliance asked for his car? Or maybe with his next victim things don’t go well and the thug panics and shoots.

      When the thug stuck a gun in the victim’s face, he forfeited all rights and second chances. The victim defended his own life and stopped the threat. Good Shoot.

    • Christina Leah

      You are free to do as you choose when you face a similar situation. What assurances does anyone have that nothing bad will happen to you after you comply with the criminal? What about the other people robbed, harmed or dead after this encounter by that criminal? Anyone who would point a firearm at you to steal your sunglasses would do the same for no reason at all.

      A firearm is pointed at your face. Dead, maimed or injured is the only way it’s going to get further “south”.

      Freedom Loving American, (My Whole Life)

    • 2ThinkN_Do2

      You do have a point here and there could be an issue with this, but if in fact the perp put a gun in his face, then it is a life threatening situation. Sure, you can say it’s sad that he may die or be injured for life. The fact is however, he like anyone had a choice, every day when they wake up, they have choices. His was the wrong choice. Should we as a society have to give in to those who make poor choices? I think not . . . .

    • And 7/11s got robbed all the time and clerks had their throats slit by gang members.

      Guess what a number of clerks and stores started to do in violation of company policy? Kill the robbers and the number of robberies decreased.

    • Stan Robertson

      You call yourself a Marine??? >>>>US NAVY ’71-’92. (RET) E-6

    • Rho

      And what makes you believe the thug wouldn’t have shot the man in the face anyway? No sir. Pfft

    • Salty Captains

      no Marine I knew in Nam would think or say that! Many of them were no older than this POS at the time.
      The only way this could have a happier ending is if the vic had better placement and the punk had died already.

    • joe_schmooga

      With all due respect, Charles, this perp set the price of life when he chose to go “gunning for sunglasses!”

    • BillO

      I almost got a warm and fuzzy feeling reading your story about the 7/11, but the ending to the story above edged it out. I love stories where the bad guy loses.

    • Tom Bonaroo

      This has to be a troll.

    • PharmDoc61

      Maybe the victim should have invited the robber to his house for cookies and milk too. Point a gun at someone & you roll the dice – this time it came up snake eyes. Thank you for your service but no, I refuse to continue to be a victim of the thug culture and this administration #gentlegiants

    • wing_ding

      the kid put a gun to this guy’s face. I suggest that might be enough reason to kill the little turd. It’s not about the sun glasses.

  • FlashF

    At a minimum, I hope that he remains all f u c ked up for the rest of his life…strapped to a chair drooling uncontrollably…or is brain damaged.

    • DAN III

      Are you kidding me ? He’ll be on the taxpayer teat that way. I hope he dies….quickly !

  • James Clements

    I guess you could say the kid was shady?! That kid is somebody’s sun!

  • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

    I’m glad no one was injured or killed.

    • racerboy221

      No one important was injured or killed….the robber was injured and with any luck will not make it. The world will be a far better place, less one thug at a time.

  • racerboy221

    Awesome story! I love a story with a happy ending!

    • PharmDoc61

      A truly happy ending would have been putting him in the ground.

  • Shawty Rap Listener

    Yo dawg, my name is Shawty, I’s is listens to da raps, so dat mean I’s is can be robbin folks and ain’t nuthin gone happenses!

  • We’reAlmostCyprus

    Still breathing???? I always say, anything worth shooting once is worth emptying the clip on, and then quickly reloading with another clip, just in case!!

    • Wildshot

      CLIP?Clip?clip? With all the correcting about this, STILL there are ignoramus’ that don’t know the difference.

      • We’reAlmostCyprus

        Sorry, but if I used the word “magazine,” liberals would think I’m referring to a magazine subscription.

        The goal of speaking is to be heard and understood… so, when speaking to liberals, you HAVE to dumb down your language, or else it just goes over their widdle-biddy heads!!

  • Benny Mamamelo

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Cisco

    Sounds to me, like another win for society.


    Now the taxpayer is on the hook for his medical bills. Why ? Because the perp:

    1. Is Black.
    2. Has no insurance.
    3. On Welfare.
    4. Lanier failed to make proper bullet placement.

    • Jerry Polk

      he failed to make proper bullet placement if he would have there would be no medical bills

  • Ben

    It’s a shame that a perfectly good bullet had to be wasted on some POS.

  • BlueSCCY

    Oops there goes another rubber tree…

  • Mickey Mouse

    What would you expect? A black will kill another over a pair of Jordans or $5 in a back alley craps game. They are a violent race.period.

  • religion&politics

    You know the sissy libtards are going to be busting out with “but WHY didn’t he just give him the sunglasses? Are your sunglasses worth more than a human life?!? WAAAAAAH!!” GAWD.

    • san

      no the libtards wont be saying that just the thugs and there family ASSHOLE

      • chris

        And you think this thugs family is anything BUT liberal you ass bag???

  • Thomas Kane

    But he was a good boy…Yeah he was out there carrying a gun a the age of 17, robbing, stealing, gang banging, Thugging and selling drugs but he was a good boy, Always took care of his momma!

  • Henry Jeleniewicz

    So a 17 year old is now a BOY. When i was 17, i was considered a YOUNG MAN, because i was expected to handle more responsibility.It shows you the moral sense of responsibility of the author of this article. By the way, what was the race of the BOY? It is important to know so i can make a judgement.

  • joe_schmooga

    I certainly hope that after he shot him, he had the opportunity to take a couple of minutes to urinate in his face as he lay dying in the street.

    • wing_ding

      that comment’s a step too far.

  • SG Harley


  • Tom Bonaroo

    Darwinism at it’s root.

  • Randy

    Poor teenager was on his way to church and found the gun on the street and was trying to give it to an adult. Just as he was beginning o turn his life around, this awful man shot him! LOL

  • Dick Ellis


    • wing_ding

      you anti-semetic?

      • John

        You anti-white? Its jews who have brought this on us and promote the 3rd world flooding into America.

        • wing_ding

          no, it was a sarcastic remark. As far as I’m concerned popping this boy was just the right thing to do.

  • Bill Fowler

    you can fix stupid and that guy did it

    • wing_ding

      almost …

  • American Mutt

    Good job Daddy, you protected your family by protecting yourself. The best part you cut out the middleman aka The state sanctioned tax collection officer.

  • Usedtowearblue

    As a retired Police Officer and now just another guy going to work….I carry. And it is my former Glock duty weapon. I do not want to shoot anyone but it WILL be them before me ( or any other innocent).

  • wing_ding

    Maybe the gene pool will be a tad cleaner if this little thug passes on.

  • Kevin Curl

    Raise a thug don’t be surprised when he dies like one , or ends up in prison like one. Get a job like the guy wearing the sunglasses and you won’t die of lead poisoning !

  • Terry Caywood

    They are too stupid to think they are endangering their life…..until it is too late….if everyone carried. The crooks would know the cost of stupid….

  • Roland Garnett

    Gun……don’t leave home without it……..and don’t be home without it either.

  • bobfairlane

    Working as an exterminator. Hell yeah!


    Shoot those SOB’s and ask questions later!

  • russell winkler

    Just goes to show you there started out as jungle monkies and have stayed there!! Most things evolve but not koons!!! They are lowlife drug dealing robbing coward pieces of shit!!!

  • Jim

    Its ok the guy will plea bargain after his free hospital stay that working Americans pay for. To bad crime victems do not get free hospital care..