Former Boyfriend Shot by New Boyfriend in Florida Woman’s Home


POMPANO BEACH, FL — A man was shot and killed at his ex’s apartment after he showed up angry and was confronted by her current boyfriend, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The former girlfriend, who had two children at the home, was extremely fortunate that her current boyfriend was armed and ready to defend the family.

According to the Sun Sentinel:

A man who showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Pompano Beach was fatally shot by the woman’s current boyfriend, investigators say.

The incident unfolded about 5:30 p.m. Sunday when Jermaine Gray, 35, of North Lauderdale went to the residence of Kemeisha Gordon, 31, — a woman he briefly dated — at the Oaks At Pompano Apartments on the 500 block of Southwest First Court. Gordon lives there with her two children and when Gray arrived, her current boyfriend — Richard Monoroth, 36, of Oakland Park — was also visiting, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

“Preliminary investigation suggests that Gray had gone there to confront Gordon over their relationship,” said Gina Carter, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office.

During an altercation, Monoroth shot Gray, Carter said. Gray died at the scene. Monoroth “immediately surrendered to responding deputies,” Carter said. A homicide investigation into the shooting is continuing.

This happens as often as you’d think — a guy can’t handle his significant other leaving, and can’t find it in himself to process it any other way except through violence. It’s one of many reasons why responsibly-armed women are so valuable to a community. Men, too, for that matter, as seen in this incident.

Sometimes, when compensating for internal weakness, someone figures that hurting someone else is the best way to appear strong. That’s never right, and in this case, Gray paid the ultimate price for his mistake.

Stay armed, folks — and stay safe. If you’re ever in a relationship (or recently removed from a relationship) where you believe yourself to be in real danger, never be afraid to reach out for help.

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