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The past three months, the US saw record amounts of firearm sales. Many people who never considered purchasing a gun were buying them in numbers we haven’t seen before. First time gun owners were purchasing guns and ammunition with very little firearm knowledge. I have made videos to help these new gun owners better understand proper firearm etiquette. I feel we should do our part to welcome these people into the gun world.

There are also more people deciding to carry a gun. Many are doing so without fully understanding what is needed to be a successful concealed carrier. This could be outright dangerous. Therefore, I decided to produce a video called, “Concealed Carry “Must Haves.” I am hoping to provide some direction on proper mindset and items needed for proficient CCW.

Most beginners get their carry permit, gun, holster, some ammo and think they are ready to take on the world. They jump into a CCW lifestyle with the least cost possible. I tell people all the time, this lifestyle requires them to spend much more money than expected. They often don’t want to hear it. Many would spend more time deciding what restaurant to go to than what additional items are needed for successfully carrying a gun. 

There are several items CCW carriers should consider. That is what this review is about. A cheap nylon holster that doesn’t properly retain a pistol is dangerous to themselves and others. Learning the value of carrying a spare magazine, a knife, a light is important. Rookie carriers often never consider these items. A good gun belt opposed to a cheap flimsy belt will help comfortably secure their gun close to their body.    

First time gun carriers often have minimal training in their guns function and capability. Add to that, a proper CCW mindset takes time and experience. Understanding how to de-escalate problems and avoid confrontations is the best way to go. Those of us who have carried for years HOPE they study and learn how to practice these strategies in the real world. Once again, we all should do our part in educating new gun owners.

Check out the attached video and let us know your thoughts on concealed carry must haves. Which of these are most important to you? What items would you add to my list?

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