Georgia House votes to loosen gun laws

Soon, Georgia concealed-carriers may be able to carry in bars, places of worship, airports and even government buildings that do not have security checkpoints.

The “Safe Carry Protection Act” easily passed the state House Tuesday in a 119-56 vote. Rep. Dustin Hightower (R), a co-sponsor of the bill, told the Times-Georgia:

 This bill is truly one of the strongest Second Amendment bills to pass the House in many years. I’m very confident that this bill will pass the Senate.

The bill would additionally:

  • remove fingerprinting requirements for weapons carry license renewals;
  • prohibit the state from creating and maintaining a database of weapons carry license holders;
  • repeal need for state-required licenses for firearms dealers, instead requiring only a federal firearms license;
  • lower the age for a concealed carry permit from 21 to 18 years for active duty military, with specific training.

People with carry permits would face fewer penalties for breaking existing laws. For example, people licensed to carry weapons could no longer be arrested for taking them on college campuses and would instead face a minimum fine of $100. Those with a license would no longer face arrest for taking a firearm into an airport security checkpoint, so long as the person with the gun immediately followed instructions to leave

House Bill 875 will now head to the Georgia State Senate. Read more here:


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