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Woman Shoots Man In Groin During Crowbar-Wielding Road Rage Incident

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — This Wednesday, out in University City, Philadelphia, we had an instance of life coming at you fast and with an angry crowbar.

Here’s what happened. A 22-year-old man thought it was a bright idea to come up to a woman’s vehicle with a crowbar in his hand. Picture this; you’re sitting at the intersection of 30th and Chestnut Streets, when suddenly, some hotheaded road-rager decides your car is a suitable place for his anger management issues.

Our crowbar-wielding man puts a smashing end to the woman’s passenger-side rear window, but this lady was no damsel in distress. In a quick draw, the 27-year-old woman puts a bullet in the only target available – the man’s groin.

Not the best place to be shot, I reckon.

The authorities recounted that after a hot lead invitation to back off, our crowbar enthusiast promptly left his “tool” in the woman’s vehicle, rushed back to his own, and put the pedal to the metal. But, as it turns out, a groin shot isn’t something you just walk off.

The man was found by the good folks in blue around 23rd and Market Streets, just a stone’s throw from Center City, grimacing in pain and wishing he hadn’t started his day with crowbar aerobics. This all went down just before 5:30 in the evening.

The young man was taken to Presbyterian Hospital, listed in critical condition. I doubt he’ll be swinging any crowbars anytime soon.

Now, our lady in this story had her ducks in a row, with police confirming she was a legally armed citizen, holding a valid license to carry. They found one lone spent shell casing in her vehicle. Just one shot was all it took.

As it stands, the police are still investigating this incident. But let’s remember, folks: The only thing standing between a bad guy with a crowbar and a good gal with a gun is her right to bear arms. Stay safe, stay aware, and as always, carry on.

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