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Two Reported Tourists Shot To Death Near Mexican Acapulco Beach

MEXICO — Two alleged Mexican tourists lost their lives, and a female was injured in a shooting incident near a beach in Acapulco, a once-popular Mexican resort.

The tragedy occurred in the Puerto Marquez area, where the victims were visiting a barbershop, according to ABC News.

According to an eyewitness, the tourists had arrived in Acapulco a day earlier to spend their Easter break and were riding all-terrain vehicles when attackers on a motorcycle targeted them.

The deceased were discovered on their ATVs. The motives for this attack were not overtly clear.

Details about the injured woman’s condition remain undisclosed, as she was taken to a hospital before the police reached the scene.

According to ABC, Acapulco has been grappling with drug-related violence since 2006, with a significant escalation in 2023.

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