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[REVIEW] MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask – A Full-Face Respirator

This is a first for us: Reviewing a gas mask.

Thanks to 2020, however, it was more than welcomed. This isn’t a fear thing, rather a preparedness thing. It’s an item that you’re likely not going to need, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that it’s there and ready to go.

Enter: MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask

This was my absolute first experience with a gas mask, so let’s make that clear. I’ve always wanted one, but never really knew what to look for. After talking with some friends with much more experience on the topic, I had it narrowed down to a couple, including this one.

Then, out of the blue, a representative from MIRA Safety contacted me about a review. “Uh, yea. Can you also read minds?”

This was over the summer when people were in full swing with buying everything under the sun in the self-defense and preparedness categories. And it’s still continuing.

First, here’s what I got:

Let’s talk features, as provided by the manufacturer’s website:

  • 20-year shelf life
  • Compatible with the 3M Safety 6878 Spectacle Kit (sold separately)
  • Uses widely available NATO-standard, 40-mm filter cartridges
  • Trusted by police worldwide and government entities in the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Latvia and Lebanon
  • Durable bromobutyl rubber construction (meets CBRN protection standards)
  • Full-face panoramic design with a large visor to enable a wide-angle view
  • Hypoallergenic inner mask prevents fogging, even under hard use 
  • Tested resistance to mustard gas penetration for nearly 30 hours
  • Helmet-compatible
  • Fits up to 2 standard 40-mm 1/7” NATO filter cartridges (widely available with varying protection levels)
  • Comes with a pre-installed hydration system and canteen (drinking system variant only). The canteen has a capacity of 900ml. 
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders with a Type M adapter (not included)
  • Used for industrial, agricultural, law enforcement, professional rescue, specialized welding, construction and painting applications
  • Conforms to European quality and sustainability standards, marked with the CE symbol
  • Meets all requirements under EN 136:1998, Class III
  • Complies with all standards under EN 168 for impact protection, making this the perfect mask for riot control situations 
  • Carries MIRA Safety’s special 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Manufactured in the Czech Republic

The field of view is excellent, and doesn’t distort what you’re looking at. I chose this one because I wanted the full view instead of the other model, which provides two holes of view for the eyes. That application is better suited for shooting rifles with a scope.

The mask provides two adapters on either side that each accommodate a 40mm filter cartridge. The seals on them are nice and tight, and when using just one filter, I have no suspicions that anything would get through the other side.

Speaking of things not getting in, the rubber seal that sits on your face feels very tight and secure. I have facial hair, however, and it’s recommended to have a clean-shaven face at any locations that would come in contact with that seal. It makes sense, of course, but it still feels very secure even with a light beard. If **** were to hit the fan, however, I’d be axing the beard before putting this on.

In the above photo, you may also notice a straw-like thing inside the mask. That’s… the straw. It connects securely to the tube (far right) that you can connect to the water bottle, allowing for secure drinking without compromising the mask.

Above is the air exhaust (center), and the adapter for the drinking system (right). The adapter can be locked or unlocked, depending on whether or not you’re in need of a drink.

On the back, there are 5 points to secure the mask to your face. Each strap can be tightened down once you have the mask on, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit. Below you’ll see the mesh backing that sits on the back of your head when wearing the mask. The whole system is extremely comfortable to the point where I only notice the weight of the mask (especially when the filter is attached).


AVAILABLE IN: 1 sizeMATERIAL OF THE FACEPIECE: bromine-butyl rubber
Effective field of vision. 77.6%MATERIAL OF THE VISOR: polycarbonate
Overlapped field of vision. 83.8%FILTER CONNECTION THREAD: Rd 40 x 1/7″
Breathing resistance at 30l/min. air flow:

One of the more impressive parts of the mask is the speech diaphragm. They say that 95% of what you’re trying to say is translated through to the people around you, and I completely agree with that assessment. Having a conversation is easy, and people can definitely understand what you’re saying, and understand at a reasonable volume. There is a slight muffled sound, but this hardly interfere with understanding what the person is saying.

Starting at around $220, it would seem that this gas mask is one of the better ones out there, and better yet they’re currently in stock.

For the citizen who wants to be prepared, this is a must-have item for your likely already well set-up plan.

Just remember: A lot of us thought that preppers were crazy at the beginning of 2020. Now, we know better.

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