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Armed Robber Has 6-Pack Broken Over His Head By Clerk Who Wasn’t Having It

Self-defense can come in many forms, one of which is picking up things close by you that you’re able to use to hit the attacker with. That includes beer bottles.

A man, armed with a knife, walked into a store and demanded money from the clerk. As soon as the clerk saw his opportunity, he took it and began fighting with the suspect. Once they got close to a display of beer bottles, the clerk began grabbing them one at a time and smashing them over the suspect’s head.

It was a rather long process, but ended up doing the job. The suspect seemingly passes out eventually, or just gives up, and lays on the floor until police arrive.

The effort and all-outness that this clerk showed is commendable, and helped him to successfully win this fight that came to find him.

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