Why We Carry: Another Recent Kidnapping Attempt Sparks Manhunt By Detectives

PIERCE COUNTY, WASHINGTON — Pierce County detectives are currently investigating an attempted kidnapping that occurred on March 30th.

A mother and her 11-year-old son were targeted in the early morning hours as they were leaving their home.

Police reported that the incident took place at the intersection of 420th St E and Harts Lake Valley Rd E, according to KOMO News, where sandbags and a box had been strategically placed to obstruct the road.

Upon exiting her car to clear the path, the woman was assaulted by an unidentified individual who attempted to restrain her with a burlap bag and a bear hug.

After a struggle, the woman reportedly managed to break free, prompting the suspect to flee. The victim described her attacker as a Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s, approximately 5’7″ tall, with a muscular build and distinctive coarse hair.

He may also have visible scratches on his face and neck and was last seen wearing camouflage clothing and black gloves.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning to the public about this kind of ploy, advising motorists to reverse to a safe location and call for assistance if they encounter obstacles in the roadway.

And, as always, the lawful carrying of a concealed firearm can serve as an equalizer in horrific situations like this.

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