12-Year Manager At Walmart Confirmed To Be The Gunman In Tuesday Night’s Mass Shooting

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA — The 31-year-old gunman responsible for killing 6 Walmart employees and injuring 6 others was confirmed by police to be the store’s night manager. An employee of the company for 12 years, he was labeled as ‘disgruntled’ and opened fire in the breakroom without warning during a shift change.

The gunman took his own life after the rampage.

Some of the victims have been identified, all reportedly employees of the store.

via NBC News

Terrible incidents like this are a reason why we do what we do, and that is promoting responsible and legal concealed carry so that people can better prepare themselves for the unthinkable. Owning and carrying a firearm, along with proper training and lifestyle, can absolutely be of benefit to you on your worst day.

Gun control will not stop a lunatic from carrying out his or her destruction, and that’s why it’s up to the individual to take their own safety seriously.

We will continue to fight the good fight.

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