Ohio Axes Need For Additional Background Checks For Concealed Carry Permit Holders


COLUMBUS, OHIO — Concealed carriers in good standing with the State of Ohio will no longer need to get a background check when they purchase firearms. This comes from the Ohio Attorney General in a recent press release. Because Ohio concealed carriers already go through an advanced screening process including federal and state background investigations, it only makes sense.

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“I’m pleased Ohio concealed carry license holders will not have to undergo additional background checks each time they want to buy a firearm,” said Attorney General DeWine. “Ohio concealed carry license holders who are in good standing have already passed thorough state and federal background checks so there is no reason to force them to submit to additional checks if they want to buy a firearm.”

It’s a common sense approach that gets painfully overlooked by a lot of states. In general, any time you purchase a firearm from a vendor with a federal firearm license, you are obliged to undergo a background check through the NICS. When the NICS gives the vendor a “green light”, the sale can take place. However, any concealed carrier in Ohio would have already gone through a much more extensive background investigation before that sale ever took place.

Not only does Ohio conduct a thorough investigation during the application process, but they also conduct a similar one during the renewal process.

Ohio General Assembly in House Bill 234 is the main acting piece of legislature that changed this from the old way of doing things. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms received Attorney General DeWine’s paperwork for an exemption for Ohio residents as a result of House Bill 234. This would make Ohio the twenty fifth state to adopt such measures.

This provision only applies to concealed carriers who were issued concealed carry licenses on or after the 25th of March, 2015, and obviously only applies to permits which haven’t been revoked or expired.

For those with permits issued before that date, you’ll probably just have to wait until renewal. That’s not too bad, all said and done.

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