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Alabama Case Ruled Self-Defense, Murder Charges Dropped

MIDVALE, ALABAMA – An Alabama man, Lorenzo Parker, who got into a fight with another man at a Motel 6 in June 2021 and shot Tyler Williams, was found not guilty last week of murder charges and the case was determined to be a case of self-defense.

The incident began when Williams approached Parker to see if he wanted to buy drugs. A 13-year-old witness to the incident said that Parker was not interested in the drugs and not interested in fighting, but Williams began punching Parker to the ground.

Williams left the scene but returned with others, and Parker had a family member arrive and provide him with a firearm. Parker then said to Williams that he should not have punched him earlier, which led to the second fight of the night.

Williams then pulled a metal pipe and threw it at Williams, which prompted Williams to pull the loaned firearm and fire at Parker. Parker fired once, hitting Williams in the chest and arm, and Williams eventually succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.

It was determined that Williams had methamphetamine in his system.

The jury determined Williams acted in “perfect self defense” and avoided murder charges and avoiding reduced manslaughter charges.

Rudy Bautista, attorney for Parker, said that after the shot had been fired, Parker unloaded the weapon, put it on the ground, and put his hands up while waiting for law enforcement to arrive. It was stated in the jury trial that Parker complied with everything law enforcement asked him.

District Attorney Sim Gill also stated there was enough video evidence to support charging Parker.

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