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69-Year-Old Concealed Carrier In Critical Condition After Gunfight Over Video Gaming System Sale Gone Bad

JACKSON, MICHIGAN — A 69-year-old father and his 45-year-old son met a buyer who said he wanted to purchase a video game system. When the trio met up, police say the buyer pulled out a gun and pointed it at the father and son, attempting to take the system by force.

The father, who was legally carrying a firearm, drew and fired shots at the suspect. The two exchanged gunfire and the suspect took off. The father was shot in the hip and leg, and hand to undergo surgery and is listed in critical condition.

The suspect has not been located.

It wasn’t clear who went to meet who, but the incident took place at an apartment complex. The absolute best place to do this type of transaction is at your local police station, many of which now have designated areas for these types of sales. Second best would be a busy area, preferably inside, such as a coffee shop. If it’s more difficult for someone to leave easily, they’re more likely to not attempt anything.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to either contact Detective Thomas Tinklepaugh at (517) 768-8637 or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers at (855) 840-7867.

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