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Hunter Shoots Himself In The Leg While Trying To Defend Against Grizzly Bear Attack

A hunter in Wyoming is lucky to be alive after surviving both a grizzly bear attack, and being shot in his leg.

The incident happened on October 21st when 65-year-old Lee Francis was out hunting with his son. As they were hunting, Francis was attacked by the bear. Francis fired several rounds at the bear, but one of the rounds struck himself in the leg. The bear fled, and it is unclear if any of the rounds hit their target.

According to police, his son acted quickly and did what he could to organize his father’s rescue.

Lee’s son quickly activated his SOS device for help then began providing first aid to his dad to help control bleeding. As darkness was rapidly approaching, a plan was devised through contact on the SOS device to rendezvous with TTSAR members near Water Dog Lake. Lee’s son was able to assist him on to a horse and make their way back towards the lake while TTSAR members utilizing UTV’s left from the Flying A Ranch. The two parties met up around 9:20pm in the Big Twin Creek drainage where further first aid was rendered. Lee was extracted by UTV back to the ranch where a life flight helicopter was waiting. Lee was then flown to the University of Utah Hospital for further treatment while a TTSAR member accompanied his son and horses back to the trailhead.

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