Armed Citizen Turns The Tables On Unsuspecting Robbers, But His Gun Was Still Stolen


Just when you think you’ve beaten the bad guys, they somehow manage to steal your gun that you were just firing at them.

A 29-year-old club promoter was arriving back home when a suspect approached him and demanded everything he had.

“The victim, who has a concealed weapons permit, pulled a firearm from his waistband and discharged three times,” said Captain Al Xiques of Pembroke Pines Police.

At that time, a second suspect joined and tackled the victim to the ground and stole his jewelry, cell phone and his gun. Then, they took off.

Was this a defensive gun use? Sure it was. Was it successful? Absolutely not. Having the bad guy gain control over your firearm is a worse-case scenario that most armed citizens hate to think about, but it does happen on the rare occasion.

What’s more surprising in this case is that the victim’s gun was stolen after he had already fired three shots. The two suspects seemed not to care too much about the fired-off rounds, or they were in such close proximity that they felt their only way of survival was to get the gun from the armed man.

Either way, they now have a fancy new firearm to commit crimes with. I can’t fault the victim because I’m sure much of what happened was out of his control, and one thing we know is that things happen so quickly in events like this.

If anything, it’s a real-life reminder to train harder, and to remember that not everyone will instantly run if you fire shots in their direction.

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