Armed Lunatic Opens Fire on Paramedics in Bizarre Attempt at Framing Nephew


In an extremely odd incident in Sarasota, Florida, a man was arrested for opening fire on paramedics he called himself in hopes of bringing charges on his juvenile nephew, the Herald-Tribune.

Yes, I know that’s a mouthful — let’s try to break things down.

First, the man, Tyran Young, 32, was hoping to get reduced jail time on an unrelated charge by serving as a witness in a shooting involving first responders.

He would get to be the hero — all he had to do was get someone to shoot at some every day heroes.

Not being the most patient man, it occurred to Young to call for first responders himself, open fire at them himself, then sneak off and return as a witness, implicating his juvenile nephew.

Were it any more brilliant, it’d be the work of Wile E Coyote.

It immediately and predictably backfired, and he was arrested. Authorities are pleased that the incident was resolved without injury.

We are especially pleased because it brings some closure to a case against one of our fellow first responders. It’s one near and dear to our hearts because we work with our fellow firefighters on a daily basis. We expect people to shoot at us as police officers, but when you hear about someone shooting at paramedics, it’s very disturbing.

These are people who respond every single day to people in need, and it is very troubling. I’m glad we were able to bring justice to the paramedics and the entire firefighter community.

Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino, Herald-Tribune

As you might imagine, the fire department is pretty happy to have everyone walking out of this one, too.

This is very relieving to all first responders who do good work out there every day.

Sarasota County Fire Department Chief Michael Regnier, Herald-Tribune

Who in their right mind would think this plan would work, anyway?

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