Mass Shooting At San Diego Pool Party Leaves 1 Dead And 6 Injured, And Many Questions


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — A Sunday night pool party turned deadly at an apartment complex after a resident, who was seemingly at the pool drinking a beer with one hand and holding a gun in another, started shooting.

While the motive is still unclear, police were able to get to the area very quickly and take the gunman out after he raised his firearm towards them as they approached.


News reports said the gunman had been at the party before he opened fire. One resident, who identified himself only as John, told KFMB-TV that he saw the gunman “sitting, drinking a beer in one hand with a gun out in the other.”

Kaela Wong, a student at the University of California, San Diego, told The Union-Tribune that she had heard the gunman threaten someone who tried to help one of the victims.

“You can either leave, or you can stay here and die,” Ms. Wong said she heard the gunman say.

One would never think that something like this would happen at a pool party, but bad people can be anywhere at anytime.

We aren’t sure how long the suspect was at the pool, but at least one witness saw him with his gun at the pool while drinking a beer. It is unclear whether anyone else saw him with his gun out but if they did, we can’t help but wonder why there was no apparent concern. Of course, things could have unfolded very quickly instead of the suspect sitting down for a half hour with a beer and a gun.

With the suspect dead, we may never know the motive behind the attack.

This story begs the question, though; are we really able to carry everywhere we go? If we’re inside the pool, our gun isn’t coming with us, and we also aren’t likely to leave it unattended.

What say you?


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