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[VIDEO] Armed Robber Loses Grip, Gets Shot With His Own Gun

Whether it’s immediate or later on down the road, karma will come to get you.

The video below is from a restaurant in Brazil and shows a few people walking in with no good intentions.

One of them goes up to a man sitting in a booth and asking for valuables. The man wasn’t having any of that and seems to start on the defense, but soon he sees the guy’s buddy walk up behind him with a gun.

Now it’s time to give in to demands.

The guy with the gun strikes the man on the back with his firearm, but he loses his grip and the firearm falls to the ground.

Now, the dynamics change considerably. Whoever gets a hold of that gun is now in control of the situation.

And the winner is…

You can see how tense that situation was not only because it was a robbery, but because the life-and-death factor became very real once that firearm was introduced and lost.

Is your mind up to a challenge such as this? How about your body? At the very moment that the gun is dropped, all bets are off unless someone else has another gun pointed at you. It almost goes from an armed robbery to a ‘kill or be killed’ scenario. If the bad guy had successfully gained access to his gun again, he could have just popped a few in the man they were robbing.

Who knows, but I’m glad to see this one end well for the good guys.

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