Authorities In NYC Offer Ways To Scare Off Intruders, No Mention Of Self-Defense Methods


NEW YORK CITY — Authorities in the NYC area are seeing an increase in violent home invasions, and they’re saying that the criminals don’t care if you’re home or not. These brazen home invasions are also happening not only in the city, but the suburbs as well.

It’s becoming an increasing problem, likely in part because the criminals know that many folks in NYC are unarmed, because Governor Cuomo wants that to be the way of life.

One suspect has been linked to a total of eight incidents in Brooklyn between Sunday, Feb. 15 and this past Friday. In all but one of the incidents, someone was home at the time and was robbed at gunpoint.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello talked to three of the victims in the incidents in and around East Flatbush, Brooklyn. They all said they were sitting innocently at home when all of a sudden, the man was in front of them sticking a gun in their face.

They said the man demanded cash, jewelry, and even Nintendo game consoles.

The woman in the most recent incident has a new lock on her door, and fear in her heart, after her Friday night fright.

“There was a bright light like that, and a gun pointed at me,” the woman said. “I am sure we were going to die.”

It’s just one suspect of many that are getting away with these brazen attacks on innocent people, but what advice do authorities have for people to better protect themselves?

Just. . .get an alarm system.

Because after all, a criminal who doesn’t care if anyone is home certainly won’t care about an alarm going off. It’s not like they’ll break in, rob the people inside and then take off before the cops even get there. </sarcasm>

Plus, aside from when we’re sleeping or not home, when do we have the alarm on?

Sure, an alarm system is a great addition to any home, but is it enough? In addition to this important safety feature, it should be as equally as important to learn and practice different methods of self-defense. And yes, this includes the use of firearms for protection.

NYC already had it’s problems as far as gun control is concerned even before the SAFE Act came around, but this is a perfect example of how we see criminals with firearms. . .and innocent victims without them.


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