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Man Claims “Accidental Shooting” In Woman’s Death At Home

PARRISH, FLORIDA — Police say a man is claiming that he accidentally shot a woman inside his home. The names and relationship of both people was not released.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, the man who lives at the residence said his gun went off accidentally, hitting the victim in the neck. His identity is also being withheld due to his relationship with the victim.

I’m not saying that the man actually intended to make this look like an accident, but I am saying that this wasn’t an “accidental shooting”. It’s negligence, at best.

Regardless of how this case turns out, the important thing to remember here is that we, as gun owners, have a duty to be responsible when handling and storing our firearms. There is no excuse for a firearm being discharged when it was not the intended action. Every gun owner needs to be held to a high standard.

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