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Attempted Gun Store Robbery Goes Poorly For Robbers

By John Boch via TTAG and republished with permission

Americans use guns to protect their lives and families at home every day. Plenty more use guns to defend innocent life in the workplace as well. Facing multiple intruders, a Galesburg, Illinios gun shop owner fired shots to protect himself during a forced entry last night.

Illinois gun shops have faced a persistent problem with gun thieves forcing entry, sometimes using stolen automobiles. They smash their way in, grab guns and then disappear into the night. This time, when it happened at Galesburg Guns, Gear and Ammo in Carl Sandburg’s hometown, the store owner was present.

At least one of the group of intruders received some ballistic dissuasion when they entered the store. Thanks to the shop’s camera system, store management and cops have nice quality video of the incident, along with an image of the license plate of the getaway ride.

The car’s driver dropped his bleeding buddy at the local hospital’s ER entrance before speeding back to Peoria. The guy they’d left at the hospital is now in the morgue.

Meanwhile, cops found the driver/car owner not long after. It wasn’t exactly tough detective work since the (alleged) perp used his own car. Perhaps he was unaware that the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act now requires gun shops to keep their parking lots under video surveillance along with the interior of the stores.

Jakobe Brown courtesy Galesburg, IL PD

Jakobe D. Brown, 18, now faces felony murder charges for the death of his un-named 17-year-old co-conspirator. There were others involved and cops no doubt would like to chat with them as well.

The Peoria Journal-Star has the story.

A 17-year-old of Galesburg died Wednesday following a gunshot wound, according to Galesburg police.

A Peoria man, 18, is now in custody, arrested on burglary and felony murder charges connected to the case, though he was not arrested as the triggerman.

Police responded to Galesburg Guns and Ammo on South Henderson Street Wednesday in reference to a disturbance there involving gunshots. When officers arrived, they determined that several suspects had broken into the business.

According to police, the owner of the business was inside it during the break in, and a preliminary investigation indicated that the business’ owner fired four to five shots at the suspects after they entered the gun shop.

Police say that shortly after that a vehicle pulled up to the emergency room of Cottage Hospital. A 17-year-old male was dropped off at the front door with a gunshot wound, and the others in the vehicle immediately drove away. Hospital staff provided medical aid to the teen, who later died from his injuries.

Hopefully news of this failed attempt at a smash and grab gun shop heist will help deter other underachievers from a similar fate. At the same time, it may also nudge some gun shop owners into bringing a cot to work for an occasional overnight stay.

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