Felon Sentenced After Shooting 2 People Because Mayonnaise Was On His Burger

A felon from Arkansas was handed a 130-year sentence after he shot two people, one his own brother, when he found out that his burger wasn’t made the way he liked.

34-year-old Andra Crockett of Blytheville was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder and first degree battery.

Prosecutors said that on March 5, 2019, Crockett shot and killed 37-year-old Priscilla Aldridge, and shot and injured his own 37-year-old brother.

via 10tv.com

I know you’ve already read the title of the article, but play along for a moment.

There must be a good reason why he shot the two, right? One would think. Possibly it was self-defense, or he was defending another person’s life?

Nope. It was because mayonnaise was on his hamburger.

Prosecutors said that it all started when Aldridge and Crockett’s brother brought home a fast food order. They said when Crockett opened the bag of food, he said, “B***h, you know I don’t like mayonnaise on my hamburger.” He then shot Aldridge once and his brother three times.

The felon will spend the rest of his life behind bars, exactly where he belongs.

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