31-Year-Old With 100 Arrests Pushes 92-Year-Old Woman To The Ground, Striking Her Head On Fire Hydrant

BRONX, NEW YORK — An animal* with dozens of run-ins with cops and over 100 arrests thought it’d be fun to push an elderly woman to the ground as she was using a walker to make her way down the sidewalk.

When she fell, she hit her head on a fire hydrant that was next to her. The suspect, identified as Rashid Brimmage, casually looks back at his fallen victim and continues walking in the opposite direction.

Luckily, he’s been arrested and charged with assault after police shared photos from the incident online.

If this is arrest #101 for him, it’s likely not to make much of a difference. A convicted sex offender and who knows what else, this is clearly a person who should not be a member of a free society. Yet, he’ll likely do little time for this crime, even though it could have killed this woman.

*To start the article, we called Rashid Brimmage a animal. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with him being an absolute scumbag that is not deemed worthy of the title Human Being.

Justice system: Do the world a favor and offer nothing less than the maximum penalty to this animal.

Ahh, hang on a moment. New York’s new Bail Reform Laws have allowed him to roam free after unprovoked attacks on innocent people recently. Thanks, Cuomo.

A senior law enforcement official tells News 4 Brimmage is a recidivist with 100 prior arrests who has gotten a desk appearance ticket for his most recent ones because of bail reform. He is an NYPD co-response client, which means police have responded with social workers when dealing with him. Brimmage has an extensive history of being emotionally disturbed in police encounters as well.

He’s been arrested three times since February for alleged assaults. On March 9, he allegedly punched a 29-year-old man in an unprovoked attack at a pizza shop in Manhattan. A few weeks before that, Brimmage allegedly punched a 39-year-old female at a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Bronx. On Feb. 4 he allegedly punched a 39-year-old man in the face at that same Dunkin’ Donuts. In the latter two cases, he received desk appearance tickets.

via nbcnewyork.com

The elderly woman was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition, and has since started her road to recovery. She feels alright, aside from her head that she hit on the fire hydrant while falling.

“I’m so happy he was arrested. Boy, he should stay in jail and think about what he did. Try to change, and try to make himself better,” the nonagenarian victim said.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like anything would be enough to correct his behavior.

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