Homeowner Uses Unloaded Shotgun To Thwart Home Invaders – Gets Shot

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA — Authorities seem to be pretty certain that the home invasion of a 60 year old man was no coincidence.  What’s being called a “targeted invasion” by San Leandro Police Lt. Mike Sobek, police believe the victim came out to thwart the invaders with an unloaded shotgun.  According to FOX-2, there were two to three home invaders.  The victim’s wife stayed in the bedroom.

“This was a targeted house. We don’t know why the house was targeted. We don’t believe it was a random house; that they went right to that house,” said Sobek to reporters at FOX-2.

The man is expected to survive his injuries.  There is also surveillance video that authorities plan to release to try to identify the suspects – but a whole lot of good that’ll do, right?

Shot bringing an unloaded firearm to a firefight?  Perhaps it was a judged move – if indeed it was a “targeted attack” as authorities seem to believe – and the homeowner felt it may afford some degree of mercy on the rest of his household.  But it was a stupid judged move all the same.  And while it does no good to rub the victim’s face in it, at this point, we can hope to learn a few life lessons from this little encounter.

Chief amongst those: never bring an unloaded firearm to fight armed intruders.

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