We Have A Clearer Picture Of How Ahmaud Arbery Was Killed, Including Being Hit By A Car Before Being Shot

On February 23rd, Ahmaud Arbery was jogging in a neighborhood when he was confronted by three individuals. During a show of evidence in court, the third person to be charged, William Bryan, is said to be the one who filmed the incident from his vehicle.

That vehicle, driven by Bryan, is now said to have run into Arbery before he was fatally shot by the other two men, a father and son who chased down Arbery after believing that he fit the description of a suspect who had broken into area homes.

Travis and Gregory McMichael were arrested on May 8, about three months after the killing, and charged with murder and aggravated assault. Bryan, 50, who claimed through his attorney in media interviews that he had no involvement in the incident, was arrested on May 22 and charged with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

via abcnews.com

I always wondered why Arbery was seen on camera running towards two people with guns. It seems likely now that he did so after being hit with Bryan’s vehicle, the impact of which is said to have been strong enough to dent the vehicle.

If I have a threat in front and behind, and the threat behind hit me with their vehicle, I could see myself taking my chances with the two people up ahead, hoping they wouldn’t shoot. I don’t know, and it’s tough to say for sure, but the picture is becoming more and more clear as the information comes out.

Last month, I posed the question in this article about the person taking the video: Who is the person recording the video, and what happened to make them think to record a video?

Now we know.

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