GRAPHIC VIDEO: Violent Street Attack Shows Us How Some Bad People DGAF


*DGAF = Don’t give a f*ck

A photographer, who was on vacation in Seattle, was walking down the street to his vehicle when a man approached him and extended his hand in an apparent friendly gesture. The victim accepted, and soon realized that the man’s intentions were not friendly at all.

An all-out attack began as the suspect kicked the victim in the head, eventually stomping his head until he went unconscious. Then, in true bottom-of-the-barrel-human form, he delivers a final kick to the head after his target was already out. Then, the attacker goes through his pockets and walks away with some items and around $900 in cash.

The victim is still suffering from injuries, and prior to the attack, was recovering from a previous accident.

Personal space is a thing and when out in public, if someone is approaching me on the street, I avoid them and get as much distance between myself and them as possible. Having tools on your person can come in handy, such as pepper spray or a firearm. With the way the victim let this attacker come into his personal space, neither self-defense method would have worked because if they’re that close already, it’s incredibly difficult to launch a successful strategy.

Keep that distance and be of the mind that no one approaching you on the street is a friend. It’s a sad thing, but you never know who is walking up to you and what they’re capable of doing.

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