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Armed Amazon Driver Shoots Man Wielding Knife And Saying “Knife Fight! Knife Fight!”

MIDDLETOWN, OHIO — A man was shot in the leg by an armed Amazon driver after police say he went after the driver with a knife. According to a 911 call placed by the Amazon driver, the suspect repeatedly said “Knife fight!” while advancing towards him.

The incident happened while the driver was delivering packages. The suspect, identified as Christopher Roberts, was suspected of being high on drugs during the incident.

The Amazon driver had a concealed firearm in his pocket, which he drew and ultimately fired at Roberts, striking him in the leg.

Roberts took off running and was later found by police, who took him to the hospital. While they were investigating the shooting, Roberts left the hospital but was later found again by police. At this point, investigators had a clearer picture of what went down, and Roberts is now facing charges.

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