Why We Carry: Woman Randomly Attacked At Gas Station By Man


A 300+ pound man pulled into a gas station and began walking up to a woman who was pumping her gas. He then began to attack her

He immediately starts punching her repeatedly in the head and body, even as she falls to the ground. As she lays helpless on the ground, he continues punching her again and again. He also grabs her hair to slam her head against the car and the ground multiple times.

via abc7.com

Another person at the pump didn’t do anything to help, and it drives me crazy to see nothing being done. Maybe he didn’t see, but I can imagine that the victim was making noise.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, a man intervenes and stops the assault. The attacker then simply walks away.

The woman suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized.

The attack shows us the need to pay attention to our surroundings, especially in locations like gas stations. It’s tough, and impossible, to find 100% of all threats, but being extra aware of what’s going on around us while pumping gas can bring us close to that number in those situations.

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