Source: 50+ Secret Service Officers Injured, Car Bombs Feared, Trump Taken To Secure Location


WASHINGTON, DC — Sunday night is proving to be a challenging one for cities across the Country, and the Country’s Capital is seeing it’s share of violence due to riots breaking out. Sources told Fox News that over 50 Secret Service officers have been injured in Washington tonight, and fears of serious attacks are very […]

Is Shooting Looters Legal? It Could be in Florida if Governor DeSantis is Successful


TALLAHASSEE – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has drafted a controversial bill that would make it legal to shoot looters under certain conditions. In 2005, the State of Florida was one of the first in the country to enact self-defense legislation now commonly known as “Stand Your Ground” and sometimes also referred to as “No Duty […]

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Released From Custody On $2M Cash Bond


Money was raised to pay the cash bond of Kyle Rittenhouse, which was paid today at the tune of $2M. Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of shooting and killing two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been released from jail on bond Friday. A spokesperson with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department announced that Rittenhouse’s attorney paid […]