Some Gun Owners Are Being Irresponsible Across Social Media, And They Do Not Represent Us

The internet is a place where you can find anything. Great recipes for tonight’s dinner, safe ways to store your firearms, binge-watching the next big hit, seeing irresponsible gun owners pointing their guns at their d*cks.

It’s all there.

The reason? Well, there’s a number of them that are the actual reasons for this behavior, and then there’s the reason they say they actually do it.

Their reason: To upset those who believe trigger discipline is important.

The real reasons: Lack of maturity, no respect for firearms, no respect for themselves, brain damage.

Regardless of what I, or anyone says, people who do this will sadly continue doing foolish things. A message to the world: These gun owners do not represent us.

Just as with any other types of trolls, do not feed them.

I’ve seen a rash of these posts in the Concealed Nation Extra group, and all involved received a permanent ban. It comes down to safety, and those actions break many rules.

In any category, there will always be a few who break away from the others and do not represent the category as a whole. That’s exactly what we see here.

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