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Victim Of Multiple Burglaries, One Homeowner Decided To Stand Up To Repeated Break-ins

GARY, INDIANA — If you have ever had your home broken into before, you know the feeling of complete loss of control. You left work and came home to find things missing, stuff strewn about, and worst of all — your life upended. Now imagine that happened multiple times. Multiple times of going to work, hoping that when you came home, your home would be just like you left it and everything would still be inside. You wouldn’t have to worry about coming home to some stranger in your house, trashing your stuff and breaking things.

For one homeowner, he knew enough was enough. He got a gun and he was ready to use it to protect himself and his property. Well, one evening he had his chance. After multiple break-ins, NWI.com The Times reported that the homeowner encountered yet another attempted burglar trying to break in. This time, though, the burglar decided to point a gun at him.

Big mistake.

The homeowner had his gun and was able to take a shot. He missed. According to the news story it was 5 p.m., so it was broad daylight when some criminal thought it would be perfectly fine to harass, intimidate, perhaps even kill a man over his possessions.

However, when that homeowner opened fire on that burglar, he realized it wasn’t going to work that way. The homeowner wasn’t going to just lie down, quiver, and accept whatever fate the burglar had in mind. He was going to fight back. And he did.

He missed his target but it was enough to send the burglar running. The homeowner reported that he heard multiple shots go off as the burglar escaped. He called police and waited for them to arrive but a nearby neighbor also called police after she heard shots and then saw a bullet rip through her living room window and embed itself in the wall.

Thugs don’t care who they hurt. And this criminal lived to thug another day. But one thing is for sure, he’ll think twice before returning to that house. That’s where the importance of both a gun and proper training can come in handy. It can be the difference between being an idle victim of someone else’s violent crime or having the ability to mount a defense.

In the end, it’s not always the shots that count so much as the threat neutralized. A thug running for his life is just one possible outcome of many and, in this case, perhaps it’ll be good enough.

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